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Caravaggio in Trastevere (on a mailbox!)

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Caravaggio, is that you?

This inconspicuous mailbox in Piazza Trilussa stopped me in my tracks when I noticed it bore a familiar looking face.

The bottom left corner of the red mailbox features a stencil of the central character from Caravaggio’s famous The Calling of Saint Mathew located in the Roman Church of San Luigi dei Francesi and executed in 1599-1600.

The face depicted here is that of the young Mario Minniti; one of Caravaggio’s favourite models.

This street art was executed by C215, the famous French stencil artist who creates numerous stencils around the city of Rome inspired by Caravaggio and religious art. His works of art are wonderful surprises that are likely to produce squeals of delight from art historians such as myself.

Look closely, and you will find that art is everywhere.



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