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Museo Canova Tadolini Serving Art and Food: What More Could You Possibly Want?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Head over to Museo Canova Tadolini on Via del Babuino in Rome to enjoy roman cuisine whilst admiring countless plaster casts executed by one of the leading Italian Neoclassical sculptors of the 19th century, Antonio Canova, and his most beloved student, Adamo Tadolini. The Museum/Café/Restaurant used to be Canova’s atelier. Today, the space transports its visitors back to the 19th century, and immerses them in the chaotic and cluttered ambience of an artist’s workshop; all whist serving high quality food. Canova acquired the property in 1818. The building itself however, dates to the 1600s; it was originally the atelier of the Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi. The plaster casts and scattered materials that are dotted around the workshop will provide you with a privileged insight into Canova’s artistic process. Canova would use these plaster casts he executed to render his sculptures in marble. The many instruments and plaster casts of full bodies, sculptures, and limbs, have been arranged around the restaurant in a purposefully chaotic fashion in order to evoke the true feeling of an atelier at the height of work. It is a ‘carefully disorganised’ space, if you will.



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