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Neve's Anna Perenna in Trastevere

As you wander through the intertwined streets of Trastevere in Rome, you will come across this alluring portrait of the ancient mythical Roman goddess Anna Perenna spray painted onto the shutter of Palazzo Velli Expo.

This street artwork was executed by the Turin street artist Neve during his solo exhibition at Velli in 2016.

The old veiled woman has been painted with hyper-realism. Her colossal face is lined with wrinkles. A mysterious light bathes her face, casting some of her features in deep shadow. Her eyes are intense and ever so slightly upward-gazing. Despite her old age, they sparkle with life. The goddess emerges from an infinite darkness, defying the physical limits of the two–dimensional shutter she is painted on. Mysterious and captivating, she is an open door into a distant and other-worldly realm.

Although she might seem out of place at first glance, I’ve come to realise that this wise old woman, brimming with vitality, blends in seamlessly with the character and atmosphere of the historic Trastevere district.

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