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Art made accessible.

Welcome to AboutArt. As an Art Historian and Content Creator with a passion for travel, my vision is to talk about art in a way that is accessible, fast, and fresh. Through blog posts, fast-paced videos, online courses, and more, I hope to give you a fresh twist on works of art from all over the world.





Art History Resource Created By:

Tatyana Kalaydjian Serraino

Art History Blog

Informative blog posts on paintings, sculpture, art historical topics, and art news. 

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Art History Videos

Fast-paced art historical videos and documentaries on works of art from all over the world. 400k+ followers on TikTok, 3.5k+ subscribers on YouTube. 

Take a Course
With Me

Learn about art & art history with specialized online courses on specific art historical periods and topics. 

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